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 Ram Katha

RAM KATHA : The magnum opus the Tulasidaasa is his Ram Sita Laxman HanumanRam Charit Manas. It is the modified version of the life story of Lord Shri Rama as narrated by Valmiki in his Ramayana. Written in the Awadhi language, this work reflects the poet’s well settled views on life and religion. It is an immaculate combination of art and thought; it is devotion presented in the supremely aesthetic way. The language used is simple and yet elegant, and the choice of words show a love of rhyme and rhythm while the Valmiki Ramayan depicts Shri Ram as the highest amongst men (Purushottam), Shri Tulsidas has written the text with the inherent faith and belief that Shri Ram is the supreme god (Puran Brahm). The Ram Katha or the narration of the Ram Charit Manas is one of the most auspicious services in the Hindu religion. Reciting five to seven verses of this holy scripture will get rid of all the five faults of the human mind. Manojbhai Shukal explains, “Sat Panch Chaupai Manohar Jaaani jo nar ur dhare, darud avidya panch janit bikar Shri Raghubar hare”. The characters in the Ram Charit Manas are embodiments of virtues and each personality characterizes the highest qualities of each role. Beginning with Lord Rama himself, who is the perfect son, husband and a model king, Shri Laxmana is the ideal brotgher, Shri Hanumanji is devotion personified, the greatest devotee of Lord Shri Ram. Each one of these characters are fine examples of the personalities they depict. Even Ravana is the perfect enemy and performs in that role till the end even as he relises that Lord Shri Rama is the Supreme God himself. When he says that “Khardooshan mohe sam balvana, inhe ko marehe benu Bhagwana.” In his avatar, Lord Rama teaches humanity how to live the ideal life which is morally correct. Lord Rama teaches umanity how to live the ideal life which is morally correct. Lord Rama is described as an embodiment of religious righteousness, “Ramo Vigrahvan Dharma” Pujya Manojbhai Shukal ’ explanations of this beautiful text brings tears to the listeners who comprehend the uncomplicatedness and purity of the Lord’s character. Maonjbhai Shukal says that Lord Rama’s figure symbolizes his vritous simplicity as he stands straight and looks straight. In the Rama Charit Manas Lord Rama says that, “Nirmal man jan so mohe paava, mohe kapat chal childra na bhaava.” Like himself, the Lord likes those devotees who are pure in mind and thought. Lord Rama is also depicted saying, “San much hoye jeev mohe jabhi, janm koti agh naasehi tabhi.” Meaning that the moment my devotee surrenders to me, all sins of his countless births will be vanquished at that second. Maonjbhai Shukal beautifully unravels tese verses and simply elucidates the meanings in a manner that has interested audiences all over the world to bring out their pothis and start reflecting over the vast knowledge contained with their prose.

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